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India Club

Star rating 3.5

143 The Strand
Aldwych, London

020 7836 0650

Nearest Tube



The only thing to have here is the set menu, which includes poppadoms, chutneys, dhosas, chilli bhajias, onion bhajias, tandoori chicken, chicken curry, lamb curry, rice, bread and possibly two types of gloop. At 11 per head you can even afford to have your clothes dry cleaned afterwards.

Recommended meeting place is the Hogshead on Wellington Street, followed by Europa Food & Wine on the Strand to get in the Challenge Pils Strong Lager at 89p a can. Added entertainment can be had from watching the shoplifters steal the disposable razors here.

One pub to avoid is the Wellington conveniently placed on the corner, short measures, high prices and they kick you out at 1 minute past 11pm, so stay away.

Added by Tony Love, Sunday 20 May 2001 13:46

We've been to this place so many times but it is still easy to recall my first trip. The guys were continually talking about it and I thought all their descriptions must have been overblown hype. How wrong I was. I really did think I was in trouble when they pointed to a strange doorway in a building on the Strand, and even more when I was introduced to the bright yellow walls, formica tables and smell of the room. This was one of the few occasions when we actually chose from the menu, a very basic and uninformative piece of paper. From subsequent visits I'd recommend the "special" as it has to be the best value meal you can get anywhere in London. All the food (with the exception of the Naan bread) is of a high standard, and quantity as well. The legendary chilli bahji's must be sampled carefully, keeping the coconut based side dish close to hand to ease the burning! BYO is a great idea, and as stated elsewhere the Europa 50yds away must do a good trade.

Added by Andrew Spencer, Monday 17 September 2001 04:00

Just to add: They don't serve alcohol (as they have no licence). Just buy alcohol / wine and take it in. Glasses provided. No corking fee.

Also, if you order the set menu (and don't look on the menu, it's not mentioned there) food turns up at random. Our Nan turned up 15 minutes after the rest of the meal. But as I found it dry and tasteless, there was no loss there.

I'd definitely go back, but I wouldn't take my most valued customers there!

Added by Ratty, Thursday 25 October 2001 16:33

H4cked by : MR.DZ

Added by Mark Williams, Thursday 30 December 2010 09:56


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